TCI refresher jeopardy

Hello, I am taking a shot at a new post.  I had an idea last week that I thought I would try.  I put together from a free online web link (online jeopardy) and made a TCI jeopardy game. I am going to use it next week in a refresher course that I am teaching.  I thought it was a lot of fun to do, and it took me a bit to get the wording right.  But if it works well, I am hoping to use it in more refresher trainings this fall.  It was easy to set up, and you can use what ever categories you want.  I chose ones that were not covered in the refresher so that we could touch base on more materials through the day, but you can do whatever you like.   I also made a grid of the answers for myself and co-instructor.  And while I was doing the game, I had my instructor manual right out in front of me, in order to get the wording the way that I wanted it.  It is in no way perfect, but it was a lot of fun.

You can set it up to play as many teams as you like.  I am not sure if I gauged the easy to hard well, or the how the answer in a question, but I am hoping it’s done in good fun and will give us some of our words and some friendly joking.  I hope you have some fun with it.

Here is the url



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