Hi everyone,

My name is Eugene Saville and I have worked for the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University for almost 20 years.  My position has evolved over the years and I am responsible for many aspects of the project’s administrative and financial functions, as well as the web site and I help with the development and revisions of the RCCP database.  I’m sure there are many more aspects I’m forgetting, but that covers a lot of it.

Last month I completed a degree program at Empire State College and I now have a B.S. in Learning and Technology Studies.  My hope is that I will be able to use what I have learned, and what we will be learning here together, to help RCCP develop training using innovative training techniques and new technology.  I am currently working on a new TCI Update on Reflective Practice that will take place in a blended learning environment.  I am hoping that I can design it to take place partially online, and then the rest in-person.  I can’t wait to work with all of you at our upcoming conference!

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am Jack Holden and have worked at the Cornell University’s RCCP for many years dating back to almost the beginning of the RCCP project as a project consultant & instructor with TCI, CARE, curriculum development, research, and technical assistance with many organizations in New York, USA, and Internationally. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Master’s degree in Child and Youth Care Administration, and a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Adult Education.

    I find the transition from traditional adult training (face to face) to a more balance of face to face and distance & e-learning and/or any other innovative training a huge challenge for the field of residential child care. I look forward to discussing the myriad of possibilities and hope we can find and discuss innovative evidence based approaches.

    Finally I am looking forward to the conference and meeting everyone in this CoP as well everyone at the conference.


  2. Hello – My name is Deb Bunce. I am a clinical psychologist and I am the Director of Clinical Practices at Spurwink Services in Maine. We are a large nonprofit human services provider. We have 900 employees and serve over 5000 people per year. We have a range of services from residential and day treatment for youth and adults to outpatient therapy, case management, forensic services, and medication management. We also have a therapeutic foster care program. I participated in the development of our clinical model for our day and residential programs about five years ago and have been diligently working towards implementation of that model since that time. I think a lot about how we train our staff and various ways to improve our services, Over the last couple years we have developed a skill of the month that we send out to all staff at the agency and we have been very thoughtful about how to help people learn that information and also put it into practice. We have had some success; however, I know we could do more and find more effective ways to help staff members learn and develop. I am very interested in what other people are doing and other tools to add to our toolkit. In particular, I find that people like and benefit from video that supports the learning. We have found some great video clips and are always looking for more. I look forward to this conversation. Thanks Eugene for getting it started. Deb


  3. Hello all,
    My name is David Blum and work at Good Shepherd Services in Maryland. I was first exposed to TCI in 2009 with TCI 5 and then became a trainer a little over a year later. I have worked everywhere from juvenile detention centers, to public schools, to group homes and currently a psychiatric residential treatment center. My roles have been just as varied and now I work with our Performance Improvement department as a manager of program outcomes and lead the new employee orientation TCI classes and refreshers. I have BS in Psychology and Philosophy and an MS from UT Knoxville in Counseling.

    I am interested in the Training Innovations group because I want to gain new tools and ideas of how to best get staff buy-in to refreshers and how to best support them in transferring the knowledge into their daily practice.


    • David,
      So good to hear from you and what you have been doing at Good Shepherd Services in MD. you have identified a very important part of the process of training & something that comes up frequently in training and expectations i.e., “buy in”! I hope we can have some productive discussion on this topic.


  4. Hello all!
    My name is Jodi Rossman and I am a Licensed Mental Health Clinician working in Upstate NY in a BOCES as a behavior Specialist. I have been training TCI for 10 years, and just received my Professional Certification. We have 7 trainers, and I sort of “herd” them, and keep the organization organized ( you know, in compliance, up to date in refreshers, and initial trainings, policies, etc.) . I too, quite like Deb, have found videos, games, and other ideas helpful in my refreshers to keep them moving and rejuvenating. I know I have gained so much insight at my own refreshers from other trainers, I am beyond thrilled to see all you here and begin to connect to see what we can do together. Very much looking forward to the international conference shortly!! ~Jodi


  5. Jodi,
    Thank you for sharing some information about yourself and your role. So happy to have you involved with the Innovative Training CoP & congratulations on your Professional Certification, Looking forward to the conference as well.


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