Death by PowerPoint by Nick Pidegeon

Hi all!  Great discussion today.  I wanted to give you the link to our archives section of the RCCP web site.  Specifically for Nick Pidgeon’s article regarding PowerPoint.  It is located in the now archived copy of Volume 13 of the RCCP Refocus newsletter.  The link is:


Community of Practice Group Session 1

The first Community of Practice session for training innovations was amazing!  We are looking forward to picking things up again in the morning with the question: “NNOVATION what it would mean to innovate in the classroom/training room? What actually goes on in the classroom?”


Hi everyone,

My name is Eugene Saville and I have worked for the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University for almost 20 years.  My position has evolved over the years and I am responsible for many aspects of the project’s administrative and financial functions, as well as the web site and I help with the development and revisions of the RCCP database.  I’m sure there are many more aspects I’m forgetting, but that covers a lot of it.

Last month I completed a degree program at Empire State College and I now have a B.S. in Learning and Technology Studies.  My hope is that I will be able to use what I have learned, and what we will be learning here together, to help RCCP develop training using innovative training techniques and new technology.  I am currently working on a new TCI Update on Reflective Practice that will take place in a blended learning environment.  I am hoping that I can design it to take place partially online, and then the rest in-person.  I can’t wait to work with all of you at our upcoming conference!


Our aim is to engage practitioners and administrators to address four questions

  • What are the key issues for innovative training and learning?
  • What are some system wide innovative training practice strategies that have been effective in delivering training?
  • What strategies are effective in the development of staff?
  • How do we use effective innovative practices within the context of our training programs?


To establish a community of practice devoted to questions of immediate interests and utility to practitioners and administrators working to develop innovative training practices.

TCI Refresher Jeopardy

TCI refresher jeopardy

Hello, I am taking a shot at a new post.  I had an idea last week that I thought I would try.  I put together from a free online web link (online jeopardy) and made a TCI jeopardy game. I am going to use it next week in a refresher course that I am teaching.  I thought it was a lot of fun to do, and it took me a bit to get the wording right.  But if it works well, I am hoping to use it in more refresher trainings this fall.  It was easy to set up, and you can use what ever categories you want.  I chose ones that were not covered in the refresher so that we could touch base on more materials through the day, but you can do whatever you like.   I also made a grid of the answers for myself and co-instructor.  And while I was doing the game, I had my instructor manual right out in front of me, in order to get the wording the way that I wanted it.  It is in no way perfect, but it was a lot of fun.

You can set it up to play as many teams as you like.  I am not sure if I gauged the easy to hard well, or the how the answer in a question, but I am hoping it’s done in good fun and will give us some of our words and some friendly joking.  I hope you have some fun with it.

Here is the url